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Buana Bali Luxury Villas and Spa
Buana Bali Luxury Villas and Spa


Meet IBU JERO The Balinese hindu priestess. She is hosting the opening and closing ceremony of our retreat and is a powerful healer.


Ibu Jero comes from a line of 5 generation of healers and is a Priestess as well. Her gifts are remarkable in that she integrates western concepts with traditional Balinese therapies. Ibu Jero understands how the negative energies of others and those inside ourselves can cause illness as well as mental, physical and spiritual imbalances.


Her therapies include Balinese shamanic massage (Taksu) to release cellular harmful programming. She has the ability to release people in the present and past who may have a “: hold on us.This kind of energy can be the negative thoughts of others or negativity that we impose on ourselves. Ibu Jero has a natural ability to balance the energies in the home, land or work place. Her sense of aesthetics is enhanced with the gift of being able to see and communicate with the energies and spirits of a space.


Her healing (taksu)
“Taksu” is a traditional healing massage that will clear you from negative energies. This treatment will ground you with the earth and center yourself into your authentic spirit. Intuitively Ibu Jero will release unhealthy energies that are stuck in different parts of the body. This treatment is also a great preventative from getting ill.


Cleansing & Blessing (melukat)
“Melukat” is a cleansing of the body, mind and spirit body, using a combination of holy water, incense, flowers, offerings and mantras. This ceremony can only be conducted by a priest such as Jero, and is done at the temple. This blessing helps to harmonize and rebalance the whole person.


The ceremonies are complementary in the retreat!

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